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Article: What are Photo Tiles and Why You Need Them in Your Home

What are Photo Tiles and Why You Need Them in Your Home

What are Photo Tiles and Why You Need Them in Your Home

Are you looking for a unique and personalised way to decorate your home? Look no further than photo tiles!

Photo tiles are small, square or rectangular-shaped prints of photographs that can be arranged to create a larger image or a nice display. They are used as wall decor or as a way to create a unique and personalised gift. Photo tiles are generally made from foam board, wood and plastic, and can be printed using digital printing technology.

But why are photo tiles so popular? For starters, they offer endless possibilities for personalisation. You can choose any image that holds special meaning to you - whether it's a collection of family photos, a selection of snapshots from a favourite vacation, or even a piece of your own artwork - and turn it into a lasting piece of decor. Plus, with the ability to arrange multiple photo tiles into a larger display, the possibilities for creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece are endless.

But what types of images work particularly well as photo tiles? Let's explore some examples, 10 to be exact:

  1. Family photos - Create a gallery wall of your loved ones that will make your home feel warm and cozy.
  2. Travel photos - Bring the memories of your adventures to life by displaying them on your walls.
  3. Landscape photos - Decorate your living room with beautiful natural views that will transport you to a different place.
  4. Pet photos - Show off your furry friends in a fun and unique way.
  5. Black and white photos - Add a classic and timeless feel to your decor with black and white images.
  6. Artistic photos - Display your own or your favourite artist's work and make your home feel like a personal art gallery.
  7. Children's photos - Create a gallery wall of your kids growing up that will be cherished for years to come.
  8. Sports photos - Show off your favourite team or athlete in a unique way.
  9. Food photos - Create a display of your favourite meals or recipes that will make your mouth water.
  10. Quotes or sayings - Make your walls motivational and meaningful with inspiring words.
But where should you go to purchase your photo tiles? Look no further than Hangtiles. They have given their photo tiles a facelift, and now your special memories have never looked so good. Their eco-friendly, slimmer and super lightweight frame made from recyclable content brings together a modern and minimalist look to improve your walls. They are UK made and pro-lab printed onto a professional Giclée photographic print using the latest & best photo reproduction printers. They measure at 8.5 x 8.5" (21.5 x 21.5cm) and feature a specialist adhesive for easy stick on and take off, leaving no marks or residue on your walls. They're individually packed, boxed and delivered to your door ready to hang.

Hangtiles are perfect for your home and office, a perfect way to show off your family and friends, your favourite quotes, and your travels. So what are you waiting for? Head over and check out our Hangtiles to order your photo tiles today!

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