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What size will my image print?


Are you unsure of the quality of your image and how large you can print it? If so, simply enter the pixel dimensions into the calculator below. If you are unsure of the dimensions of your image then we have some guides below on how to get them.

How To Use The Calculator

Once you have your dimensions ready - for example - if I had an image that was 12000x4000. Simply enter 12000 into the width and 4000 into the height and the size you can print up to in inches will be displayed.

NB - the calculator will give you the 'up to' size for your image, so in other words it doesn't mean you have to go for exactly that size (we might not even offer the size you get from the calculator), it just means you can go for any size we have available up to that size.

This is not an exact science as each image is different but is a good guideline. So if your image came up a bit short of the size you were hoping for then please start a chat with us so we can check your image out and advise.

Don't have a suitable image? No worries, we can help source one for you from millions of photos (any destination/landmark/scene etc). Simply start a chat with us
Get the pixel width and height dimensions from image
Calculator placeholder

Getting the correct image file

Important Image Information

Always ensure your image is the original, full size version from the device it was taken on. If it was sent to you via a messaging service (Facebook, WhatsApp etc) then it is likely a compressed version. Also iPhone's can often store the original in your iCloud and copy a smaller version to your phone to save space on your device. Always get the image from your iCloud to be on the safe side.

If you are still unsure and all of this is confusing you then simply ask us. Just start a chat by clicking the pink chat icon bottom right and we will assist and let you know the best size quickly.

Rest assured that we will also check every single photo that is uploaded with an order so if it is not suitable we will let you know and assist you from there. You are in safe hands with us. We will never just print an image if we do not think it is suitable.

How to guide

Getting Image Size From An iPhone/iPad

Open photos app on your iPhone for image information

Step 1

Open the Photos app on your iPhone and locate the image. Please make sure it's the original image that was taken with the device - an edited version could be compressed.

Locating the information icon on ios photos

Step 2

Once you have located your image, click on the 'i' icon at the bottom of the screen. Please note that this is only available in iOS15 onwards.

getting the image dimensions from your iphone

Step 3

After clicking the 'i' icon a section will appear with info about the image and the dimensions will be displayed here. In this case it's 16357 x 3562. Enter this into the calculator above and you can see how large you can print with us.

How to get the image size dimensions from your computer

Getting image size on Your Computer

Open your documents folder and locate the image. Select the image and an information panel will appear where you can find the dimensions.

Getting image size from Google Photos - Android devices

Getting image size from Google Photos (on Android devices)

Open the Google Photos (or gallery app) and locate the original image taken on the device. Then simply click the 3 dots (...) and select 'details'. A screen will appear with the image data on and the dimensions you require.

Selecting the aspect ratio for your image

Which does your image suit?


If you are after a panoramic print, then does your image look like a standard panoramic or a wider panoramic image (ultra panoramic)?

Wider than a regular photo. Also most used to crop a 'normal' size image to create a panoramic from a section of the image.

Ultra Panoramic
This is suited to the much wider panoramic images. Often best for the images taken using your smartphone's panoramic mode. Think of 'ultra' as ultra wide.

Non Panoramic
This is for all of your regular photographs. We have both landscape and portrait options available.

If you are still unsure then you can upload your image to both the panoramic and ultra panoramic product pages and an image editor will appear showing the print area and you can determine the best for your image.

Still unsure?... start a Chat With Us  

A size and product for all


Now you know the size you can go up to and the aspect ratio of your image, its time to choose a product.

We have lots of products to choose from including photo framed prints or canvas prints through to mounted options such as acrylic or aluminium. You can view all products here. 

On the product page you can choose your options such as the size and frame colour etc (if applicable). Then select 'choose file' to upload your image. If you would like guidance on how to upload your image then see our upload guide.

You're ready to order

4. That's it

Now you can simply add to cart and proceed to checkout.

Remember if at any stage you need help simply start a live chat with us (pink chat icon bottom right of screen). We are very friendly and super helpful :-)

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