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Aluminium Dibond Prints

Aluminium Dibond Prints

Our Alu Dibond prints are a luxurious and stunning way to display your artwork and photographs. Each print is pro-lab printed using the latest Giclée printing process for exceptional print quality.

Comprising of a dense polythene core sandwiched between two thin aluminium sheets, our Alu Dibond prints have a satin finish and are 3mm deep. They are lightweight yet strong, making them the perfect choice for those looking for a minimalistic display option.

Each Aluminium Dibond print comes with a hidden subframe hanging system, floating your artwork 15mm from the wall. Smaller sizes (6” and lower) will come with a hanging plate or self-adhesive backing.

Order your Alu Dibond prints today and enjoy individually packed, boxed and delivered prints right to your doorstep!

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aluminium dibond print in ultra panoramic aspect ratioAluminium dibond details - ultra panoramic
Ultra Panoramic Aluminium Dibond Print 55 reviews Sale priceFrom £ 54.00 GBP
Panoramic Aluminium Dibond PrintPanoramic Aluminium Dibond Print
Panoramic Aluminium Dibond Print 69 reviews Sale priceFrom £ 39.00 GBP
aluminium dibond non panoramic printAluminium dibond details - Print Panoramics
Aluminium Dibond Print - Non Panoramic 27 reviews Sale priceFrom £ 45.00 GBP