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Hangtiles - photo tiles for your wall
Hangtiles photo tiles

Photo tiles that stick & re-stick. No mess, no nails and no damage

Capture Memories, Create Art and Elevate Your Walls With Hangtiles

Your special memories have never looked so good with Hangtiles. An eco-friendly, slim and super lightweight frame made from recyclable material brings together a modern and minimalist look to improve your walls.

Hangtiles are UK made photo tiles that have been pro-lab printed onto a professional Giclée photographic print using the latest & best photo reproduction printers. They measure at 8.5 x 8.5" (21.5 x 21.5cm) and feature a specialist adhesive for easy stick on and take off, leaving no marks or residue. They're individually packed, boxed and delivered to your door ready to hang.

We can't wait to see your new walls filled with special memories..

£15 each - Create Yours Now

Eco friendly frames

Our super lightweight frames are made from recyclable material

Premium Print

Professional Giclée print for incredible details

Stick & Re-stick

Peel, stick & re-stick until they are in the perfect position.

From phone to wall

With our simple editor you can upload and arrange your images

features of our framed photo tiles

Lightweight & easy to hang

SLIM, lightweight eco-friendly frames

A lightweight and minimalist frame made from recyclable materials. Providing a sleek and modern look, perfect to create a stunning gallery wall.

Create Yours Now
Photo tiles with an incredible detailed print

Unbelievable detail

Professional Giclée PRINT

Our custom framed photo tiles are professionally Giclée printed using the very latest photo reproduction printing technology. This ensures exceptional print quality for stunning definition and colour clarity. You will not stop looking at your impressive memories.

Create your gallery wall
Hantiles - white framed photo tiles

Easy stick... and re-stick

No Nails!

Our specialist adhesive backing leaves no marks or residue and allows you to stick your photo tiles again and again. No tools needed and no nails to go in the walls, which means zero damage 🙌

Design Yours Now
Choose images direct from your phone to Hangtiles

Get creative from your phone

It's in your hands

We all have a photo app full of amazing and meaningful memories, but it's a shame we hide these special moments behind a screen and in our phones. Now they can be displayed and enjoyed everyday with a smile to match with Hangtiles - photo tiles for your walls.

Design Yours Now

Hangtiles - easy to hang

How do photo tiles work

Peel and stick photo tile

1. Peel & stick

Peel off the paper strip that covers the adhesive and simply stick the photo tile anywhere on your wall.

move and re-stick the photo tile

2. Move & re-stick

The adhesive does not lose its stick and does not damage your walls, so you can move them around.

move your Hangtiles freely on the wall

3. Not happy?... Move it back again

Move your photo tiles around until your heart is content and until you have your memories in the perfect position. Safe in the knowledge there is no damage or mess left on your walls.

transform your images to wall art with Hangtiles


Create a gallery wall full of your treasured memories with our photo tiles!

Black & white

Choose your frame colour

Choose between white or black framed photo tiles or maybe mix and match to create a unique gallery wall.

black framed photo tile - Hangtiles

Black Framed photo tiles

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White framed photo tile - Hangtiles

White Framed photo tiles

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