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Article: What Are Acrylic Prints and Why You Should Consider Them for Your Next Photo Display

What Are Acrylic Prints and Why You Should Consider Them for Your Next Photo Display

What Are Acrylic Prints and Why You Should Consider Them for Your Next Photo Display

Acrylic prints are a beautiful and unique way to display a photograph. They create depth and an almost 3D quality to an image that makes it stand out in a room. They may come at a higher price point than other print mediums, but they offer vibrancy, colour saturation, and longevity that make them well worth the investment.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic, also known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or Plexiglass, is a type of clear plastic that is often used in photographic printing. Unlike regular glass, acrylic does not create a green hue and is completely clear, making it ideal for photographic prints. Acrylic is also much lighter and won't break or shatter like glass. Additionally, acrylic has a refractive quality that gives acrylic prints an almost luminous look.

How are acrylic prints made?

There are two main ways to transfer a photograph to an acrylic sheet. The first method is a direct print, where the image is printed in reverse directly to the back of the acrylic sheet. A backing substrate is then used to seal and protect the inks. The second method, known as face mount, is the most widely used. The image is first printed to photographic paper, which is then mounted face forward to the back of the acrylic sheet.

Face mounted acrylic prints deliver better image quality and superb depth. This is because the image is first printed onto professional photographic paper which ensures that you will get a perfect print with stunning, luminous colours compared to it being printed directly onto the acrylic panel.

What are the benefits of acrylic printing?

Acrylic prints are also known for their longevity. They are resistant to fading and will not yellow over time like some other types of prints. Some tests have even shown that in optimal conditions, a print will last up to 120 years. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great option for homes, offices, and galleries. This is where Print Panoramics comes in to help.

Print Panoramics is a pro-lab that uses the latest and best photo reproduction technology to create acrylic prints that are truly works of art. They face mount their acrylic prints and use 12-colour giclée printers to ensure that your photographs are reproduced with the highest level of accuracy and detail… and the results speak for themselves. The colours are stunning and luminous, and the depth of the image is truly captivating.

But it's not just the printing technology that makes Print Panoramics acrylic prints so special. They also use a 10mm thick high-gloss acrylic that is diamond-polished for crystal clear edges. This not only adds to the overall beauty of the print, but it also makes it incredibly durable and water resistant. And because the acrylic is UV resistant, your print will remain fresh and vivid for over 100 years.

One of the best things about Print Panoramics acrylic prints is their hanging system. Each print comes with an invisible subframe that floats the print 15mm from the wall, making it incredibly easy to hang. If you prefer, you can also choose from chrome, black, or gold corner bolts for a more traditional hanging method.

Each print is individually packed, boxed, and delivered straight to your door, so you can be sure that your new acrylic print will arrive in perfect condition.

So if you're looking for a way to truly showcase your photographs and turn them into captivating works of art, look no further than Print Panoramics acrylic prints. With their stunning colours, brilliant depth, and durable construction, they are sure to be a focal point in any room. And with the added bonus of an easy-to-use hanging system and 100+ year fade resistance, you can be sure that your acrylic print is well worth the investment and will remain beautiful for many years to come.

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