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Article: Standard Or Panoramic Image? Considerations For Your Canvas Picture Prints

Standard Or Panoramic Image? Considerations For Your Canvas Picture Prints

Standard Or Panoramic Image? Considerations For Your Canvas Picture Prints

Thanks to digital cameras, just about anyone can build a great collection of photos. The best of these can be turned into highly personal and unique panoramic wall art, small photo tiles, and more. With that in mind, here is a quick guide on how to go about turning your favourite images into canvas picture prints.

Understanding Aspect Ratios

The aspect ratio of the image determines the shape of your final print. It’s usually shown in the format Width: Height. So, for example, Hangtiles have a 1:1 aspect ratio. This means that the width and height are equal. If you’re looking for large canvas prints in the UK, the aspect ratio will generally be 4:3 or 3:4, depending on if you choose portrait or landscape orientation. Panoramic canvas prints have a 3:1 aspect ratio. This means that they are three times as wide as they are high. If you’re looking for the most intense panoramic wall art experience, our ultra panoramic canvas prints have a 4.6:1 aspect ratio.

Choosing The Right Aspect Ratio

There are basically two ways you can choose the right aspect ratio for your printed canvas. The first is to choose a photo and then select the aspect ratio that works best for that image. The second is to pick a canvas size and look for a suitable photo or photos to fill it.

If you’re choosing an aspect ratio to suit your photo, then let the photo be your guide. One of the great benefits of digital photography is that it makes photo editing a lot easier. In particular, it means that you can quickly copy a photo and experiment with editing on the copy rather than the original. In fact, you can create several different versions of the same photo.

If you’re choosing an aspect ratio to suit a space, then it’s worth thinking carefully before you make your selection. As a rule of thumb, photo tiles are both forgiving and flexible. This means that you can use the simple 1:1 ratio photo tiles to create a gallery wall and arrange them uniquely to suit your space.

If you’re looking for something a little more standard, a portrait or landscape orientation for your print is a great option. Most pictures are taken in a 3:4 or 4:3 aspect ratio, meaning that you won’t have to manipulate or alter your picture much, if at all, to create fantastic wall art.

Panoramic and ultra panoramic canvases require either one perfect image or a collage of images that work together perfectly. Keep in mind that panoramic wall art is unforgiving to flaws, blemishes, and issues in the photo. However, with the right picture, these are some of the best canvas picture prints out there.

Creating A Panoramic Image

The easiest way if you don’t own specialist photography equipment, is using the panoramic function on your phone. The results are stunning and your device automatically stitches lots of images together for you, which will save you a lot of editing work.

If you have a DSLR camera, then you may be able to create a panoramic image from a single shot. A tripod, however, is a must for a panoramic shot. Even the slightest hint of camera shake can ruin an image beyond recovery. 

If you don’t have a DSLR (or you don’t have the right lens for a DSLR), then you can still make great panoramic images, which look like they’re a single shot. The way to do this is to take a series of images in quick succession and then stitch them together afterwards in a photo editing program. Again, you must use a tripod for this. You also need a subject that stays still. 

The very best subjects for panoramic photography are ones that simply don’t move. Realistically, a small amount of movement is acceptable, particularly if it creates abstract patterns. A typical example of this would be wind blowing on water. As the level of movement goes up, however, so does the difficulty of taking a series of seamless images. 

With that said, you could take an alternative approach and openly use a collage of separate images to create a single panoramic image. This can be done in various ways. At one end of the scale, you could go big and bold with a selection of larger images. At the other end of the scale, you could use multiple smaller images to create a mosaic effect when looked at from a distance.

Having Your Images Printed

It’s important to remember that any print is only as good as the source material. If you’re planning to get canvas picture prints from your photography, consider shooting with the highest possible resolution. This will give the clearest image. Don’t forget about image editing. Sometimes a little bit of editing goes a long way.

Once your picture is ready, you can choose the aspect ratio, size, and additional options (such as framing) before having the art printed by a professional printer. We offer everything from photo tiles to large canvas prints in the UK, as well as panoramic wall art and ultra panoramic prints.

The Pros And Cons Of Framing

One thing you’ll want to consider is whether or not you have your wall art framed. There are a few things to think about when choosing framed or not framed. First, adding a frame to your print is going to add an additional cost to the order. On top of that, a frame adds to the overall space that the wall art takes. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it can be detrimental if you have a very specific amount of space to fill. 

On the other hand, a frame can add extra protection to the picture, keeping it safe for longer. Frames are also seen as a classic wall art feature, so if you’re looking for a formal or classic style, a frame is important.

In addition to the practical advantages and disadvantages of framing, there’s the issue of aesthetics. This is totally a matter of personal taste. 

Framed or not framed, tiny portraits or ultra panoramic landscapes, the choice is yours. Get the most out of your photography, your open walls, and your creative mind when you get the best canvas prints in the UK with Print Panoramics.



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