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Article: From Panoramic Wall Art to Photo Wall Tiles - Understanding the Differences in Photo Prints

Ultra panoramic in living room

From Panoramic Wall Art to Photo Wall Tiles - Understanding the Differences in Photo Prints

Complete your walls by turning your favourite photos into high-quality canvas photo prints that you can hang up with ease. Depending on the images that you want to turn into wall art, different kinds and sizes of photo prints might better suit your purposes. Knowing the differences in the types of prints you can get allows you to make the right decision for your space.

Do you know what makes a print ultra panoramic, or how to turn your artwork into photo wall tiles? How are these prints different? How are they similar? And how do you know which to choose for the space you’re planning?

Standard Canvas Photo Prints

If you’re considering canvas photo prints, the first thing you might consider is a standard size. However, what is “standard” when it comes to these pieces? Some refer to these sizes as A1, A2, A3 and so on, or by their aspect ratio (such as 3:2 to 4:3). This can get confusing, especially when you’re trying to find a piece that will fit your wall. Most standard canvas photo prints range from 30x20 cm to 80x60 cm, with some getting as large as 152x112 cm.

These standard sizes make it easy to work with almost any photo subject, be it a portrait of a person, a landscape, an action shot, or something else entirely. It’s relatively easy to crop photos down to standard sizes to help ensure that you keep the focal point front and centre.

One of the great things about standard-size prints is that due to the variety of standard sizes, you’ll easily find the right size for your wall. Whether you have a large space to fill or simply want a smaller piece of artwork, there are several options to choose from.

Panoramic Wall Art

While standard photo prints offer several different size ratios and varying field of view measurements, when you get into ratios of 2:1 (where the photo is twice as long as it is tall), that’s when you’re in the world of panoramic photo prints. The clear benefit of these is that they allow for much wider canvas photo prints, meaning panoramic wall art can capture images that might not fit too well into the standard sizes.

Panoramic prints allow you to see a broader view of the artwork. These prints are generally used to capture landscapes. The length of them is perfect for scrolling across a horizon, be it a cityscape, mountains, forest, or any other kind of location. Panoramic wall art is a great option on large walls, above the bed, and in office spaces.

When choosing a panoramic print, it’s important to make sure that the picture quality is fantastic. Panoramic wall art is generally large, making any flaws in the photo more visible. Don’t forget that due to the aspect ratio, standard pictures are generally not ideal for a panoramic print. Instead, you would want to choose a picture that was taken with the panoramic view in mind.

Ultra Panoramic

The primary difference between panoramic and ultra panoramic wall art is the aspect ratio. While panoramic wall art is 3:1 (three times as long as it is tall), ultra panoramic prints are at 4.6:1 (over four times as long as they are tall.) As such, they can capture much, much wider images. These prints are often used for landscapes, and are able to capture more detail than a standard panoramic print. 

Ultra panoramic wall art prints don’t have to be huge, however. You can find these in sizes as small as 35.5x7.5 cm, meaning they can fit in average size rooms without too much trouble. However, you can also get them in very large sizes up to 300x66 cm. It’s important to consider the space that you want to fill, and how the print flows in the overall style of the room.

Images printed on ultra panoramic photo canvas prints should be taken specifically in panoramic form. This allows you to get a beautiful print without any warping or blurring of the image. 

Photo Tiles - Hangtiles

Also known as hangtiles, photo wall tiles are printed photos that have an aspect ratio of 1:1 (they are equally tall and wide). These pieces are specifically designed to not only fit in smaller spaces, they can also be used together to create something unique. If you have a small space that you want to brighten up with a little bit of art, photo tiles are a great option.

These pieces are referred to as “photo tiles” because they are often used in multiples, with several tiles coming together to form a single display. Whether you’re trying to create a unique artistic theme in your home, create a photo collage, or show the progression of your or a loved one’s life, photo tiles are the perfect option.

The core strength of photo tiles, and the reason many find them so appealing, is their versatility. Photo tiles can be used in just about any space, small or large to create something unique. 

They can easily be moved, adjusted, and switched out, as well. This makes them perfect for those who simply want something a little different.

Create the canvas photo prints of your choice with Print Panoramics

Whether you’re looking to put together a photo collage in your home, or you want a beautiful ultra panoramic print for the office, we offer a variety of styles, sizes, and printing options to choose from. Bring a little bit of beauty to your space with the canvas prints from Print Panoramics.

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