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Article: 5 Tips To Decorate Your Home For Every Season With Photo Tiles

5 Tips To Decorate Your Home For Every Season With Photo Tiles

5 Tips To Decorate Your Home For Every Season With Photo Tiles

Being able to decorate your home is exciting, and one of the best ways to do it is with canvas pictures and photo tiles. Some feel that artwork on the walls simply ends up being a hassle of hanging hooks and nails to keep pictures up where they should be. What if you could not only hang wall art without any of the hassle, but have the opportunity to change it out quickly and easily?

One of the best ways that you can decorate your home - no matter the season - is with photo tiles. The best lightweight photo tiles in the UK offer beautiful artwork, with no need to worry about drilling holes in the walls to hang them. You can stick them on and re-stick them over and over again without damaging the walls. 

The best thing about these small Hangtiles pictures available in the UK is that you can swap them over every season! All of those treasured Christmas photo tiles that you have for your walls can be brought out and organised into a Christmas tree on the wall - it’s perfect. 

What Are Photo Tiles?

Custom-printed photo tiles allow you to refresh your home decor whenever you want a change, especially for the changing of the seasons or an upcoming holiday. Photo tiles are stick-on picture tiles and they ensure that you can personalise your home decor as often as you like. Made from the best quality materials, your photo tiles are smaller than some other print types, which makes these the perfect option for changing your decor by the season. Hanging your Hangtiles is a total breeze, too. All you have to do is peel off the backing and stick them on. If you want to have a change, you can rearrange the layout, the content of the tiles, and more. 

How it works

First, you need to have some pictures and artwork to hang. All you have to do is select the frame colour, how many tiles you would like and upload your photos to our website. Once they are printed, you have a beautiful selection of pieces to mix and match however works best in your space. These tiles stick as easily as magnets and the adhesive doesn't pull the wallpaper or paint away from the wall. If you get bored with the layout, simply peel off the wall and restick elsewhere.

Photo Tile Decor Tips

One of the best things about using photo tiles for your home decor is that you can use them in so many ways:

  • Add them to the hallway for cute, nostalgic age progression pictures for each of your family members.
  • Hang photo tiles in the bedrooms with designs and colours that suit the theme of the space.
  • Choose your photo tiles by theme: holidays, seasons, or whatever takes your fancy. Think chocolate egg hunt photo tiles for Easter, and spooky costume tiles for Halloween. 

The fun thing here is that you don't have to limit yourself to anything traditional. You could arrange photos in the shape of letters (think child’s nursery, with the letter of their name). Whatever suits the space you are decorating, and however you choose to put the tiles together helps you personalise your space.

1. Unique & Asymmetrical 

You want something unique in your space, and you can do that with a unique and asymmetrical gallery wall. This will help to add some depth to the space as well as awesome colours and patterns. You can use an asymmetrical design in any room of the house to give it some flair and style.

2. Symmetrical Gallery Wall

Of course, you don't have to be totally unique with it all. If you prefer something more uniform, then a symmetrical gallery wall is the idea. Highlight the season with a symmetrical gallery wall of pieces that feature bright flowers for spring, and still be able to show off beautiful snowy landscapes in the winter.

3. Staircase Gallery

If you have stairs in your home, you can choose to use a diagonal gallery theme to have your photos going either up or down the stairs to the rest of the house. Not only is this a brilliant way to add artwork to your home, it’s the perfect excuse for baby pictures to grow into adult pictures of the kids. This is a fun option around the holidays, allowing you to change out the pictures to show the changes of the years, while still staying true to the season.

4. Black & White is in

If you want to add a little class to the home, think about keeping your gallery wall a particular colour. In this case, black and white images are just stunning, offering a dramatic look. You can even add a couple of colour images to highlight the season, adding a unique touch to your display.

5. Get Inspired

Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for getting inspired when it comes to photo tiles on the walls, with plenty of ideas out there to help you to make the best choice in terms of patterns and picture layouts for your home. Whether you’re getting photo tiles in the UK from landscapes you’ve been to or you simply want collages of friends and family, there are so many different ways you can display the pictures, you’ll quickly find yourself rearranging the tiles on a whim.

The best thing about having photo tiles on the walls along with canvas prints, is that you can make your home decor totally unique. As you quickly and easily change the photo tiles for the seasons, you’ll love how easy it is to keep your artwork fresh and new.


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