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Article: Top 10 Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

creative ways to display wedding photos

Top 10 Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

With wedding season well under way we are focusing on creative ways that you can cherish and relive the special day forever. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in your life, and the photos captured are treasures that deserve to be beautifully displayed as framed wedding photos or maybe something more creative. Here are ten creative ways to showcase your wedding photos and keep those cherished memories alive.

1. Gallery Wall of Wedding Photos

Create a stunning gallery wall by arranging your favourite wedding photos in various frames. Mix different sizes and orientations for visual interest. This approach allows you to create a personalised art display that tells the story of your special day.

2. Photo Ledge

A photo ledge is a versatile and stylish way to display your wedding photos. You can easily swap out photos and other decorative items to keep the display fresh and updated. This method also makes it easy to add new photos over time.

3. Framed Collage

Combine multiple wedding photos into a single framed collage. This is a great way to include various moments from your wedding day in one cohesive piece. Customisable collage frames such as the panoramic gallery frame are available in many sizes and frame styles to fit your decor.

This is also a great idea to get images that lead up to your wedding day, such as engagement photos for example.


Framed wedding photos collage

4. Canvas Prints

Wedding photo canvas prints

Transform your wedding photos into canvas prints for a classic and elegant look. Canvas prints add texture and depth to your photos, making them stand out as statement pieces on your walls. They’re also lightweight and easy to hang.

5. Photo Tiles

Hangtiles - Gallery wall of white framed photo tiles

Photo tiles are a modern and versatile way to display wedding photos. These lightweight tiles can be easily moved and rearranged without damaging your walls. They’re perfect for creating a dynamic and interactive photo display.

6. Acrylic Prints

Wedding photos on acrylic prints

For a contemporary and sleek look, consider acrylic prints. The glossy finish enhances the colours and details of your wedding photos, giving them a vibrant and polished appearance. Acrylic prints are durable and make a striking addition to any room.

7. Shadow Box

Create a shadow box to display not only your wedding photos but also other mementos from your special day, such as your wedding invitation, dried flowers, or a piece of fabric from your dress. This 3D display adds depth and a personal touch to your photo arrangement.

8. Hanging Photo Display

Use a hanging photo display with clips or strings to showcase your wedding photos in a unique and whimsical way. This approach allows you to change photos easily and add other decorative elements like fairy lights or greenery.

9. Photo Book

Although not a wall display, a photo book is an excellent way to keep your wedding photos accessible. Choose a high-quality photo book that you can display on your coffee table. This way, you and your guests can flip through your wedding memories anytime.

10. Digital Frame

Invest in a digital photo frame that allows you to upload and rotate through a selection of your favourite wedding photos. Digital frames are great for showcasing a large number of photos without taking up much space. Plus, you can update the photos whenever you like.


Displaying your wedding photos creatively not only keeps your cherished memories alive but also adds a personal touch to your home decor. At Print Panoramics, we offer a wide range of framing options and high-quality prints to help you showcase your wedding photos in style. Explore our collection today and find the perfect way to display your love story.

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