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Article: All Image Sizes Catered For


All Image Sizes Catered For

Here at Print Panoramics, we specialise in panoramic photo printing... the word even forms part of our company name, so it's obvious that if you want a panorama printed, we can do it. What's more, we'll do it to the highest standard possible. What may be less obvious is that we also cater for other picture sizes as well. Our other image sizes are all printed and stretched to the same exceptional standards that our panorama's conform to. So, if you've got an image that you want to show off on your wall, we can almost certainly do it for you.

Large Canvas Prints

What's the definition of a large canvas print? Well, we'll blow your photo up to an A2 size image - that's 4x the size of a normal sheet of printer paper. We'd say that's a pretty large canvas. What's more, it's a large canvas that doesn't suffer the same drop in quality you may experience from other companies who may blown up to a size that's simply too large. Some photos, especially those taken on a phone camera may start to pixelate above this size. Clarity and focus are critical to achieving a wow factor so it's important that we make sure your images remain in sharp focus. Here's how one of our large canvas prints may look on your wall; large canvas print Dimensions in cm:†66 x 40.6cm The perfect large canvas print size for a living room or hallway area in a modern home. If you're looking to create the wow factor with a large photo†click here to order yours today.

Medium Canvas Prints

Our definition of a medium canvas print is A3 size; twice the size of a standard piece of printer paper and more than large enough to showcase your photo in stunning clarity. One of our medium canvas prints would look great anywhere in your home, but would be ideally sized for example as a focus point in a typical sized master bedroom. Perhaps you've got an incredible picture tucked away on a memory stick that reminds you of a relaxing holiday or a special place... how nice would it be to get that photo off your digital memory and be able to see it as soon as you wake up in the morning; transforming your morning instantly and bringing back all the memories associated with the stunning view. This image gives you an idea of the size of our medium canvas prints; medium canvas print Dimensions in cm:†40.6 x 30.5cm Bring back those memories today, and order your stunning medium canvas.

Small Canvas Prints

The smallest of our standard print sizes is A4; the same size as a sheet of printer paper. Now, we think that A4 is still a pretty big image size and it's certainly enough to draw anyone's eye to a fantastic scene. Our small canvas prints can be put almost anywhere in your house to create an instant interest point. How about a collection of your images running up the side of your stair case or a fantastic family canvas print filling up that bit of bare space on your wall? Make your walls more interesting with a small canvas print. Take a look at this photo to get an idea of our small canvas prints; small canvas print Dimensions in cm:†30.5 x 20.3cm Put a smile on your face in any room in the house and order your small canvas print today.

Our Panoramic Prints

Of course, there's also our panoramic photo prints that come in numerous sizes and can be printed on sticker, poster or canvas so that you get the right image type to suit your home and wall. As with all our images, our panoramic prints are created to exceptional standards and allow you to showcase beautiful scenes you've captured on your iPhone or any other panorama capable digital device. For a truly breath taking scene, available in your own home, night and day, get your perfect image transformed into a stunning panorama today! PS. All of our canvas prints have the option to be emailed a PDF proof copy of your canvas before proceeding. This will showcase the type of edge you have chosen for your canvas (white, image-wrap or coloured) and to present exactly how your image will be printed and the stunning quality before you commit. If you want that extra piece of confidence other than our Visual Experience before you receive your order then this is the perfect option for you.

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