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Article: Panoramic Views in London - A Guide to Taking the Best Photos

Panoramic framed print of London by Print Panoramics

Panoramic Views in London - A Guide to Taking the Best Photos

London is a world-renowned metropolis with a beguiling mix of present-day and traditional architecture, as well as numerous cultural and historical landmarks that never fail to leave a lasting impression on visitors. From the timeless Tower Bridge to the contemporary Shard building, there are plenty of viewpoints that offer spectacular panoramic vistas of the city, and this guide aims to recommend the very best locations to capture the capital's stunning beauty in all its glory and how to get them printed on your wall to enjoy for years to come.

Where is the best view of London?

The question of where to find the finest view of London is definitely a complicated one, given the breadth of the city's sprawling landscape. Visitors can take in all-encompassing panoramas of the city from well-known tourist hotspots, such as The Shard, Sky Garden, and the London Eye, which are all teeming with enthusiastic sightseers. However, if you prefer to avoid the bustling crowds and seek out more tranquil and serene spots, then Greenwich Park, Primrose Hill, and Parliament Hill are just some of the breathtaking locations that offer panoramic vistas of the city. Capturing photos from these stunning locations is considerably better on a clear day to ensure you capture far more of the distant view.

What is the highest public viewing point of London?

A view from the ShardA view from the Shard with the shadow of the Shard - image © S Stokes


The highest public viewing point in London is The Shard, located on the 72nd floor, which offers a sweeping 360-degree perspective of the city and its many iconic landmarks. If you're searching for an unforgettable photo opportunity, then the top of the London Eye provides the most popular and awe-inspiring vista of London. Still, other lesser-known, distinctive, and gorgeous locations scattered throughout the city provide excellent photo opportunities.

What is the Most Popular Photo to Take in London?

London Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

One of the most popular photos that tourists take in London is the panoramic view of the city from the top of the London Eye. The Eye is an iconic attraction that offers breathtaking views from its capsules. However, this may be great for panoramic shots but there are numerous other unique and scenic locations throughout the city that offer unforgettable and magnificent views which are listed below:

  • One of the most popular photos to take in London is a shot of the iconic Tower Bridge with the River Thames in the foreground. This photo is particularly striking at night when the bridge is illuminated.
  • Another popular photo opportunity in London is at the famous red telephone boxes that can be found throughout the city. Visitors love to snap a photo of themselves inside or standing in front of these quintessentially British symbols.
  • The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are also a favourite spot for photographers. A photo taken from across the River Thames captures the grandeur of these iconic landmarks and their stunning architecture.
  • Finally, Buckingham Palace is another popular spot for photos, particularly when the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place. Visitors can capture photos of the palace's impressive facade and the soldiers in their traditional uniforms.

Tips for Capturing the Best Panoramic Photos of London

To take the finest panoramic photographs of London then you need nothing more than your phone and utilising the panoramic function on the camera - the panoramic mode will essentially stitch lots of images together whilst you are taking it to ensure you have a very high resolution image overall. If you are a pro photographer or an amateur with all the gear then it is necessary to use a camera with a wide-angle lens and consider using a tripod to ensure sharpness and avoid blurry images. It's also important to take into account the time of day and lighting conditions when taking photos, as the right light can make all the difference in achieving the perfect shot. To capture the city's charm, experiment with different angles and get creative with your compositions.

If you want to take the best photos in London, it's crucial to plan ahead and research the ideal viewpoints for the pictures you want to take. Additionally, keep an eye on the weather forecast and aim to snap photos during the golden hour, which occurs one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset, when the lighting is soft and warm. And remember, there's no harm in taking some risks and experimenting with unique angles and viewpoints.

How to edit panoramic photos of London

Now that you have spent the day taking stunning panoramic views of London it's time to go through them and tweak them to perfection. If you have taken on a phone in panoramic mode and followed the on screen guide in keeping it level then you may not need to do a lot or any editing. A slight adjustment of the light, vibrance and contrast could be all you need to perfect your shot within your phones fine tuning photo settings. If you have been using professional equipment then editing panoramic photos of London can be a bit more challenging... particularly if you need to stitch a lot of individual shots together. Although with the right tools, you can create stunning images that showcase the city's beauty. One of the most popular software options for editing panoramic photos is Adobe Lightroom. In Lightroom, you have the most extensive catalogue of tools to really make a huge difference, but even for someone with just minimal experience in this software can easily use the basic tools within to adjust the exposure, contrast, and saturation to enhance the colours and lighting in your photos. You can also straighten the horizon, crop the image, and adjust the alignment to ensure that your photo is perfectly aligned.

Printing your photos of London

Panoramic framed print of London by Print Panoramics

Now you have the perfectly edited photo it would be a waste to hide it away in your device. Instead you need to turn it into beautiful wall art for you and all to forever admire. At Print Panoramics our high-quality printing services ensure that your images are printed with stunning clarity and colour accuracy, making them perfect for hanging on your walls and enjoying for years to come. Plus, with a variety of sizes and framing options available, you can customise your prints to fit your specific style and space. Whether you want to create a gallery wall featuring multiple prints or showcase a single panoramic image, Print Panoramics can help bring your vision to life. So why not turn your memories of London into stunning works of art? 

If you don't have a suitable image of London for your wall then we can source the perfect one for you. Simply start a chat with us today and we will ensure you get the most perfect print for your wall.

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