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Article: Olympic Mountains - A Guide To Taking The Best Panoramic Photo

Olympic Mountains taken from Hurricane Ridge

Olympic Mountains - A Guide To Taking The Best Panoramic Photo

We get to print some unbelievable photos and a popular place that springs to mind and presents itself to us regularly as a stunning panoramic image is the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. We have been lucky enough to see so many amazing shots and variations of this scenic location and we want to help you create equally stunning photography if you are thinking of visiting anytime soon.  

For any outdoor adventurer or photographer, the Olympic Mountains are a compulsory destination. We will walk you through the most exceptional locations to capture the perfect panoramic picture of the Olympic Mountains.

Where is the paramount view of the Olympic Mountains?

Image of Hurricane Ridge and Olympic Mountains

For the paramount view of the Olympic Mountains, we recommend embarking on an excursion to Hurricane Ridge. Hurricane Ridge is situated in Olympic National Park and boasts a striking view of the Olympic Mountains. The region is effortlessly accessible and provides an assortment of hiking paths for all skill levels. The views from Hurricane Ridge are incomparable, with extensive panoramas of the Olympic Mountains and adjacent valleys.

What is the most picturesque location in Olympic National Park?

Lake Crescent at Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a colossal expanse of natural beauty, and it can be problematic to decide on the most picturesque spot. However, we believe that the most picturesque location in Olympic National Park is Lake Crescent. Lake Crescent is an exquisite glacier-fed lake, encircled by woodlands and the Olympic Mountains. The crystal-clear blue waters of the lake offer a perfect mirror image of the neighboring mountains, making it an exemplary position for panoramic photographs. The vicinity also provides hiking trails, kayaking, and camping amenities.

What is the highest summit of the Olympic Mountains?

Mount Olympus

The highest summit of the Olympic Mountains is Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus towers at an elevation of 7,980 feet and is situated in the hub of the Olympic Mountains. The mountain is one of the most well-known pinnacles in the Pacific Northwest and is perceptible from diverse sites in the Olympic National Park. While ascending Mount Olympus is an arduous task, the vista from the summit is unrivalled, and it provides an exceptional prospect for panoramic photographs.

Fun Fact - Why are they called the Olympic Mountains

The Olympic Mountains were named by British explorer Captain John Meares during his exploration of the Pacific Northwest in 1788. He named them after the Mount Olympus in Greece, as he believed that the towering peaks were a fitting tribute and suitable home to the gods. 

A panoramic print of the Olympic Mountains

A panoramic print of the Olympic Mountains

After capturing your perfect panoramic photo of the Olympic Mountains, you'll want to preserve the memory and showcase your stunning image. Printing your photo with Print Panoramics is the perfect way to do just that. With high-quality printing and a range of framing options, you can create a beautiful piece of art that will remind you of your unforgettable trip to the Olympic Mountains for years to come. So why not turn your panoramic photo into a tangible work of art and display it proudly in your home or office? Visit our print options today and bring your panoramic photo to life.

If you do not have your own panoramic photo of the Olympic Mountains then simply start a chat with us and we will help you source the perfect one to be printed.

To conclude, the Olympic Mountains are a sanctuary for photographers, and with our guidelines, you can capture the most exceptional panoramic photograph. Hurricane Ridge provides the paramount view of the Olympic Mountains, while Lake Crescent is the most picturesque location in Olympic National Park. For the intrepid, Mount Olympus is the highest summit in the Olympic Mountains and provides a spectacular panoramic outlook of the entire area. Plan your visit to the Olympic Mountains and prepare to capture the beauty of this natural wonder.

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