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Article: Panoramic Canvas Prints - Preserving Your Special Memories

Panoramic Canvas Prints - Preserving Your Special Memories

Panoramic Canvas Prints - Preserving Your Special Memories

Preserving Memories: The Magic of Canvas Printing

Time flies by so fast nowadays that it’s difficult to make memories last.

Your vacation last summer, your child on their first day of class, or a friend’s birthday. Milestones in your life are as ever-present as they are fleeting. It can be hard to keep up or remember every detail.

Next thing you know another year has passed you by. Looking back, you notice you may have missed some details. Lots of events took place around you that they barely felt important or even memorable.

Yes, in today’s fast-paced society it is hard to keep track of time – let alone stop it, even for a moment. You can only slow it down for a second, turn it into a memory, and hope that it will last.

Luckily, we can do something close to that – by taking a photograph.

A photo contains all the memories from a particular moment in time. One look and you travel back to that instance. There you can feel the ambience, the weather, the mood, the emotions, and the people around you. You get to relive a memory whenever you want.

That is the magic of photography.

A picture can be the difference between remembering something and forgetting it completely. So at its very core, photography is a time-tested way to preserve moments you want to remember.

A memory on a photo will only stay a memory if it sets itself apart from the rest of your gallery. These days anyone can access mobile devices for their pictures. Cameras come with most of today’s modern devices. This gives anyone opportunities at any given moment for a photo-op.

Photo galleries contain thousands of pictures. One has to wonder, is a photo still considered a memory if nobody ever comes around to view it?

The perfect view for canvas printing

The Print Photography Renaissance

They say that print photography is becoming a lost art. With the dawn of modern technology, new ways to capture moments overwhelm us on a daily basis. From mobile phones, tablets, to even drones built with cameras. Almost everyone can take pictures at any given time.

Thousands upon thousands taken, but do they actually store memories?

Before cellphones, people had to go to professional printers who transformed single moments – pieces frozen in time – into memorable mementos. Mementos that you can see regularly, and even pass down to future generations. It was a way for your children, and their children, to see a moment you experienced.

Today, digital photography dominates every level of society. You almost never see pictures converted into physical form. Print photography is, in some ways, a relic.

Most photos in this digital age stay that way – digital. The most you can do is post it on social media. Only to eventually forget it under newer status updates, videos, and photos.

The lifespan of digital images is, if nothing else, limited.

But there’s a solution to this digital degeneration of memories: canvas printing.

Take out your Iphone and shoot with the panoramic camera

Introducing Canvas Printing

The idea behind canvas printing is simple. It combines the modern digital trend with the traditional approach of print. This method brings to life your images, taking them out of the confines of your device. You see, phones and tablets are… in its essence, small and confining. You can’t truly appreciate a moment in such a small space.

Items in these devices are also very replaceable.

Think about it. How often do you change your phone’s wallpaper? In fact, we don’t even have to look that far back into the past. How many seconds do you take before you swipe to the next image when checking out a photo gallery?

Something like a memory can easily be lost after the moment passes. One minute it’s there, the next it feels like it never existed. Canvas printing gives you the ability to take the photo out of your phone and place it in the real world. Converting your image to a canvas print gives you a permanent copy. One which cannot simply be swiped left or right to change. With it, you have a piece of your memory, all while being visible for other people to see.

What really brings Canvas Printing to life is the canvas itself - the texture, quality and rigidity of it. There’s no frame and no fluff, just a beautiful, visually-striking display of a moment you’ve experienced.

With a print, not only do you preserve your memory, you also have a high quality art piece to hang around..

Panoramic Canvas Printing:

For something to be real, it needs to be something you can touch. To feel. To take a single piece of time and be able to relive it all over again.

Conventional photos are nice, but a panorama can cover more ground. This helps in preserving as much of the moment as possible. Panoramas are wasted on the screen - the sheer magnitude of a panorama can only be captured on print.

To truly appreciate it, you have to see it in its entirety. All at the same instance. And there is only one tried and tested way you can do that.

With panoramic canvas prints, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get your panorama photo, you also get something larger than life. It an art piece and at its center is your memory. A beautifully framed picture that you can hang in real life. Best of all, you can see the entire image. All without having to swipe in different directions to see the full picture.

Pictures contain countless memories all embedded in its very limited dimensions. So why not make the most it? With canvas printing, you can have these memories displayed for everyone to see. You receive a fantastic professional print of your moment. You can also place this somewhere it can get the appreciation it deserves.

The limited screens of phones cannot give your best memories justice. Only canvas printing can treat your memory to what it truly is – a work of art.

Panoramic Canvas Print of beautiful view

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