How to Choose the Right Photos for Your Picture Tiles

Custom picture tiles are a great way to brighten up dull walls in your home and bring a bit of personality into the space. Finding photo tiles in the UK gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful gallery wall. However, choosing the right photos is crucial because you need to ensure that they fit with the existing aesthetic in your home and you choose photos that you won't mind looking at every day. If you are using stickable photo tiles in the UK to build a gallery wall, you also need to consider how they will work together. 

Image Subject

The first thing you need to consider is the subject of your photo tiles. Will they be decorative or do you want them to have sentimental value? Considering the image subject carefully allows you to choose the perfect pictures for your space.

If you are looking to make a feature of your photo tiles, choose something striking and interesting as the main focus in each image. This could be anything from an animal portrait to a beautiful landscape. Alternatively, you may want to document cherished family memories with a feature wall of old family photos. 


Once you have decided on your subject, you need to consider the composition of each photo. Think about how much negative space is in each image and whether it will look best as a large-scale photo tile or would be better suited to a small mosaic picture. It's important to have some negative space so it doesn't look cluttered, but not so much that the photo looks empty. Using the rule of thirds is an effective way to make sure that you have interesting subjects in all areas without too much negative space. 

When taking photos for picture tiles, try experimenting with different compositions until you find something that works well. Using photos that are not framed well can make your wall display look odd and out of place.


When choosing photo tiles, you need to think about the colours in the photo and how they fit with the overall colour scheme in the room. They don't need to match exactly, but avoid anything that clashes too much. If you are creating a feature wall, you also need to be careful that you don't have too much of one colour, especially dark colours, or it could all merge into something that looks like a jumble


If you are using photos from your iPhone, then these are ideal for Hangtiles. Standard iPhone images are not as high resolution as panoramic photos taken on the same device, particularly if taken with the front facing camera (think selfies), so they might not work as well on a very large scale but are ideal for photo tiles. Try to remember to always use the original image direct from the device it was taken on. If the image has been sent around via message services such as WhatsApp or via social media then the images are likely to be heavily compressed and of poor resolution. Photos that aren't of the best quality will look grainy and lack detail when printed in large sizes. Fear not, our Hangtiles product customiser will warn you if your image is low resolution.

Consider these tips when choosing photos for picture tiles, to help your display look amazing.