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Article: Have Fun With Your Photography Using These Photo Filters

Have Fun With Your Photography Using These Photo Filters

Have Fun With Your Photography Using These Photo Filters

As a photographer, you can enhance your photos by adding a filter to them. Filters are great as they enable you to add a different look and feel to your photos. This is especially when you get them printed, whether you choose photo tiles of friends and family or landscape photo prints. 

When filters first started (long before you could add them in apps such as Instagram) they used to be extra parts you added to a camera. This is a practice that is still done by some professional photographers and offers high quality, instant results. When using this type of filter, you simply add the attachment to the end of the lens. Each type of filter attachment makes adjustments to the photo as you snap the picture, altering the light to change colour, contrast, and more. There is a range of different filters that you can use, including polarizing filters, filters to add movement, and some that add colour. 

More commonly nowadays, filters are added in apps such as Instagram or photo editing software like Photoshop. Many cameras even have digital filters included, allowing you to use the filter as you take the picture. Whether you’re interested in adding filters in real-time or you want to adjust the photo later, there are many types of filters that allow you to have fun with your photography. 

Phone Filters

There are numerous photo editing filters out there that you can use to add effects to your photos. Instagram is a fine example with a host of preset filters such as Gingham and Reyes which are both filters that add a vintage effect, Lark which adds vibrance to the image, and Moon which turns it black and white. 

What are the pros and cons of using phone filters?

There are many pros and cons to phone filters that are worth considering. Instagram filters are one of the most popular options and offer a lot to consider. One of the biggest pros to filters on Instagram is that using the filters is completely free. On top of that, they are intuitive and very easy to use. You can also adjust the levels of the filter (to an extent) once you have applied it, completely changing the overall look and feel of the image to make for fantastic photo tiles.

Other regularly-used apps on your phone also offer a variety of filters to choose from. Facebook, Google, and even your phone’s camera all offer free, easy-to-use filters with a wide range of options. If you’re interested in premium filters, there are also apps that you can get to add to your phone’s camera for an additional cost. Check out your phone’s app store to find premium filters to enhance your photography. 

When considering phone apps, there are a few downsides to consider. Many of the free filters you’ll come across simply offer the same type of alterations, with little variety. In addition, there are usually limited settings you can apply to adjust how the filter changes the picture. When considering premium filters, you’re going to have a cost associated with the filter, and in some cases may still not get all the features or adjustment options you want to create the best canvas prints in the UK. 

Photo Editing Software Filters

Another very popular way of adding filters to your photos is through photo editing software. One of the most popular photo editing software systems out there is Lightroom and there are a whole plethora of incredible filters that you can find. Many creators have made Lightroom filters that you can get for free. 

There are also paid options if you are looking for something a little more professional. Some of the professional filters are created by experts in the field who already really know their photography. One such example is a set of lightroom filters created by fine art photographer Jan Erik Waider. His bundles allow customization to the filters and several of them are designed to target physical locations that make for fantastic landscape photo prints.

Golden Hour Filters are also extremely popular - particularly for those that want a warm feel to their pictures. Golden hour is, after all, known for the amazing light it offers and this filter enables you to add that glowing light no matter the time of day that you are shooting. 

Another beautiful filter pack for Lightroom is the free HDR Lightroom preset pack. This pack of filters is great as it is free of charge and offers you a great boost to your photography. Within the pack are ten lightroom filters (or presets) that enhance the colour tones and saturation of your images. It allows you to adjust the light balance to get the look you’re going for.

What are the pros and cons of using filters on photo editing software?

As with phone filters, there are both pros and cons to using photo editing software filters. If you’re looking for beautiful, easy-to-create professional effects on your images, you can get quick results by using photo editing software. You can also have multiple images up together, adding the same, similar, or very different effects, creating a flow to the images as you plan out a gallery of photo tiles.

If you love editing photos, one downside to consider is that when you use Lightroom or other photo editing software and simply apply filters, it can hinder your ability to learn a variety of editing skills yourself, as the filter does everything you need in one click. In addition, depending on the photo editing software you’re using, and the filters you want to try, this can get very expensive.


A big part of photography is being creative and filters enable you to be very creative with your images. You can change the way they look in an instant, making them unique and creating a fluid feel. When you’re taking pictures that are meant to be printed, adding the right filter can take a good picture and make it fantastic. From there, all you need to do is choose the size, style, and options you want for the best canvas prints in the UK, and you’re quickly on your way to enhancing wall space in your home or office.

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