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Article: iPhone 5s Panoramas are Stunning!

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iPhone 5s Panoramas are Stunning!

The camera features in Apple's new iPhone have been improved greatly – a huge win for anyone who uses their phone as a camera, whether for keeping memories, taking professional photos or just to create great art work. The new iPhone remains completely compatible with both our panorama and standard prints, and it's now even easier for you to capture those amazing scenes for your wall!


The latest addition to the iPhone range features a new "iSight" camera with a larger sensor, built in filter effects and a unique two colour flash. The panorama mode also has adaptive live metering across the frame (this measures and adjusts the brightness across the whole subject, in multiple areas of the frame, rather than as a whole). It's clear from the outset that Apple are highlighting the camera capabilities in this model (the camera remains available right from the lock screen) and that can only be a good thing – especially if you normally carry an expensive camera as well as your iPhone whilst out and about. Here are the main features that we love;
  • The camera is much more responsive than previous incarnations, and also loads faster
  • In good light, images appear very crisp
  • In low light shots are amazing –  thanks in part to the dual colour flash
  • There are a plethora of new features including slow motion video and an improved burst mode
  • Most importantly, the panorama mode is much improved…

Taking Panoramas with the iPhone 5s

Being specialists in panorama prints, we're extremely impressed with the iPhone's new panorama functionality. Here's an overview of the improvements;
  • Extremely fast capture rate of 30 frames per second
  • Improved user interface and ease of use
  • Stitching is improved to the point where it is virtually impossible to ever notice any "stitches"
  • Dynamic auto exposure
Dynamic auto exposure does exactly what is says; it automatically adjusts the exposure rate across the scene. This means that if one side of the panorama is dark and the other side is light, the 5s will compensate for this, correct the exposure, and both sides will be photographed to their full potential. This means panoramas which look more complete as they have a balanced exposure. Just take a look at the panoramic views below to see the difference it makes… Overexposure on the iPhone 5: iPhone 5 Panorama Compare the contrast on the sky with this image from an iPhone 5s: iPhone 5s Panorama The iPhone 5c seems to have a slightly improved camera over the 5, however you can see the difference with the 5s and the 5c in the panoramas below. Here's the 5c… iPhone 5c Panorama (Beach) And here's the 5siPhone 5s Panorama (Beach) Again, the exposure of the sky stands out here. The clouds are very clear and crisp, the blue colours shine through and you can make out every detail both on the land and in the sky. You can see more photo comparisons between the cameras at (Images courtesy of mythozz and At Print Panoramics, naturally, we're really excited about this improved functionality. We're sure that we'll see some absolutely incredible images rolling off our printing press over the coming months and we can't wait to see the results. If you're lucky enough to have an iPhone 5s, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and create some stunning wall art. If you've got an earlier iPhone model or the iPhone 5c, don't fret though, they still take stunning panoramas that look absolutely immense when printed and displayed on your wall. Take a look at the video on our home page to find out how to order.

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