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Article: The Ultimate Panoramic Fails!

The Ultimate Panoramic Fails!

The Ultimate Panoramic Fails!

The panoramic function on our devices is a great way of capturing truly breathtaking photos. Sometimes though they don't always come out quite how you had hoped.

As you may have learned when taking a panoramic image yourself, it's very important that your subject matter stays still in order to secure the perfect panorama.

We are lucky that we get to print so many stunning panoramic photos from our customers and the majority of the time they really are a work of art. Whether its amazing landscapes, weddings, birthday celebrations, families on holiday, festivals, sporting events or incredible scenery they truly deserve to be printed to hang pride of place on your walls, but... on occasions we also witness mishaps where the panoramic has not gone quite to plan! 

Here are some of our favourites that we have found around the web...

1. This guy somehow got chopped to pieces mid air. 

2. Hmmm - a two legged horse with 3 feet? Might be a bumpy ride that one!

3. Look! Its the real life Stretch Armstrong! Great acting by Stretch's mate though as he definitely looks like he's been hit there.

4. Sometimes they are not always complete failures. This person captured a bird flying beautifully in sequence... albeit alongside a man with multiple hands.

 5. I'm still not sure if she sneezed or if he farted!?


 6. This guy only had enough invisible paint to cover his top half!


7. Ummm there is a time and a place for that mate... oh its not what I thought it was...phew!!


8. I'm not sure she needs that fishing rod. She could just cast her arm out with some bait on instead.


9. I know I said earlier you need to make sure your subject matter stays still during panoramic photos... That is unless you are an absolute master like this guy. What a joker!

10. She definitely doesn't need a selfie stick!

11. This Inspector Gadget no longer needs to use the remote control to change the channel!

12. Check out ol' Slinky over here


 Do you have some panoramic fails that you would like to share with us? If so then send them to us via social media @printpanoramics and we will share our favourites.

If you have any stunning panoramic photos that you would like to get printed then simply click here to view our range.


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