Although the majority of orders are generally being shipped out within our usual time frames, in some Instances we are experiencing some slight delays. So please allow a few extra days as a safety net.


If you have placed an order and you are after an order update, please only contact us if your order has not arrived after 14 working days (Mon-Fri). This allows plenty of time for any courier delays that may occur too. We have limited support staff at the moment and this just slows everything down... Our time is best spent getting your order out to you ASAP. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these testing times.


We are still here for you 

I am sure you have read and received lots of status updates from various businesses letting you know how their company is affected by these unprecedented times. I am resonating with a lot of these messages and understanding that as a small business it is very difficult to navigate around and hopefully stay afloat during these times of economic difficulty. We are doing our best and although I have received many of these updates myself, it doesn't make writing this one any easier...

Firstly and most importantly I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well and continue to be throughout all of this. It is devastating to see what is happening all around us.

Looking into the positives, it's inspiring to see so many of us are entering a phase where we are learning to appreciate the lives that we lead more and understand that we can be happy with less. Spending so much time at home is also proving to be a great time to reflect, recharge and maybe even learn some new skills or spend time on passions we otherwise don't always have time for. I'm hopeful that when this is all over we will all be stronger, kinder and more united as a nation and as a world.

If you are spending time reflecting on memories and sorting through your digital photos and you have some space on your wall for something special then we are still here for you. We will help transform your treasured memories into gallery quality pieces. There is no better time to bring some light into your home with significant moments from your life that you can appreciate daily and make you smile for years to come.

I want to let you know that although we are still operating our priority is to protect the health and well-being of our team and customers. We continue to follow the recommendations of the government closely.  

We really appreciate the support from you all during these difficult times and please stay safe and healthy. 

All the best,