Ultra Panoramic Aluminium Dibond Print

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Product Description

  • Pro-lab printed using the latest & best photo reproduction printers
  • Dense polythene core sandwiched between two thin aluminium sheets
  • Stunning, luxurious stand out prints
  • Very high quality
  • Satin print finish
  • 3mm deep
  • Lightweight, strong and minimal
  • Ready to hang with a hidden subframe hanging system
  • Individually packed, boxed and delivered to your door 

Our Dibond prints are 3mm deep and comprises of a dense polythene core sandwiched between two thin aluminium sheets. 

The ultra panoramic aspect ratio suits the longer of panorama photos. Upload your image to view the image editor and the printable area. If your image is shorter in width then it may suit our panoramic aluminium dibond better.

Dibond mounted prints are wonderfully minimalist option for displaying your art and photographs and have a satin finish to them.

Each dibond print comes with a hidden subframe hanging system, floating your artwork 15mm from the wall. The smaller sizes will come with a self adhesive backing.


After uploading your file an image editor will appear showing your image and the print area. Crop your image (if needed) to fit within the print area.

If you are unsure then click here to see the guide on uploading your image.