Ultra Panoramic Foamex Print

£ 39 GBP
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Product Description

  • Solid, rigid 10mm thick foam board
  • Professional, very high-quality finish
  • Bow and warp resistant
  • Delivered ready to hang on your wall

Foamex is completely solid, providing an incredibly sturdy and robust surface. Each ultra panoramic foamex print comprises a 12-colour giclée print mounted onto 10mm thick PVC board. 

You can choose the colour you would like your board to be from either black or white. This will determine the colour of the edges (images below show black foamex board). 

Each print comes ready to hang using a special subframe hanging system, floating your artwork 15mm from the wall.


After uploading your file an image editor will appear showing your image and the print area. Crop your image (if needed) to fit within the print area.

If you are unsure then click here to see the guide on uploading your image.