The Line Between "Naff" Personalised Gifts and Chic Personalised Gifts

Christmas is nearly upon us and time is fast running out to grab a present. The problem is, every year we end up giving away presents that we're not always happy with (well, I do anyway), that is unless you are more the receiving type, and giving gifts isn't your thing. The digital age has given rise to downloadable products, cheaper material goods and ultimately a much harder decision when it comes to buying presents for friends & loved ones. Unlike the 1980's where people were clambering through catalogues, seeking objects of desire, now, most people download or buy the things they want, at the time they want it, leaving present opportunities a little thin on the ground.

So how can you stand out from the crowd of mediocre presents?

One idea is to get a personalised gift. Now, this can be difficult territory and there's a clear line between personalised gifts which are "naff" and ones which really stand apart. As an example, many people might perceive the following personalised gift as a novelty; Personalised Mug The standard personalised mug. It's been around for years. Most people have one in various guises and due to it's abundance, it's not really a personalised item any more. The bery fact that it's so often personalised, makes it unpersonalised (unless it's been created by hand, then top points to you!). A slightly less "naff" personalised item, could be a item of clothing such as this personalised t-shirt; Personalised T Shirt It's rarer than a personalised mug, and if done well and appropriately for the recipient, can go down extremely well. However, it's another old and tired personalised product. It doesn't really stand out and you know you can do better. Places such as sell some more distinctive personalised products. Especially if you want something for children to keep and cherish. For example this name train is a great idea; Personalised Train However, the problem with all these gifts is although they've got a personal touch. It's not quite as personal as it could be. Something is missing.

Cutting the Mustard with Personalised Photo Prints

If you want to go the whole hog, you need a photo. Nothing is more personal or tells a story better in a single moment, than a photograph. Now, sure you can get a photo printed on a mug, a t-shirt or even a pen. But then we're stepping back into novelty item territory, and probably not something you want to give as a serious gift. Which brings us neatly to our panoramic wall canvases. Let me ask you a question... have you ever seen a panoramic wall canvas in the home of your friend or family? Probably not, simply because panoramic images are rarer than the standard photographic dimensions of old (although with the panoramic photo functionality in phones they're becoming used more and more), and because not many people know that you can actually get these amazing photos printed onto canvas. This means that; a Panoramic photo canvas is not only chic. It's also unique, very personal (if you choose the right photo), and will look absolutely stunning in anyone's home. Most people have a blank space behind their sofa, their television or even in their hallway. A panoramic canvas is the perfect size to fit these locations. It works with the eye (in the same way a widescreen television) does and draws your attention in. You can also fit a wealth of more detail into a panoramic image. If you've got a large family, they can all get into the picture, or if your family often wander off and get up to their own actives (on a beach or woodland walk for example), you can take a panoramic shot and get everyone one involved in one swoop. Personalised Canvas Gift Panoramic - Holiday Photo Our Panoramic canvases really do make the cut in the personalised gift stakes. Whether you have a family print created, an image from a family holiday or a view of their favourite landscape or cityscape, it creates a breathtaking gift that almost acts like a window to another world from inside your home. All this with the added bonus that people (adults and kids alike) will spend ages wondering "What exactly is that large & long present under the tree?". You can even convert normal photos to panoramic dimensions to re-create the dramatic effect that a panoramic provides. Drop us a note if you're not sure how to do this, and we'll help you sort it out. panoramic-box And if you're recipient really does have limited wall space, or you're looking for a lower budget gift, we can also re-create the same high quality standard with our poster prints and sticker prints.
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